About: Michael Kranicke

     As a musician, composer, and accomplished engineer, Michael Kranicke has been working in the music and production world for over 25 years. 

     A graduate of the acclaimed Berklee College of music, Michael is no stranger to knowing what it takes to take music and productions to the next level.

      As a field audio engineer, Michael has worked for major networks like NBC, CBS, ESPN, ABC, & National Geographic to name a few and has been integral for  corporate clients, commercial shoots, live events and documentary films. 

    Michael Kranicke has composed music for companies like Ronald McDonald House Charities, ESPN, Public Television, Motorola and many others.

     Countless shows first with the straight ahead blues act Blues Effect and then with the critically acclaimed VOODOO KINGS ,  Michael as a guitarist has backed up artists like the Kingsnakes and Shirley King and the Voodoo Kings have shared the stage with such artists as Parliament Funkadelic and John Hiatt. 

     One of the last of the analog kids, Michael Kranicke grew up when listening to music meant vinyl on the radio; feeding on  rock n roll and blues that had harmony and melody while honing songwriting skills, leading bands and sharpening his guitar skills. 

    As a composer, songwriter and performer Michael knows how to integrate all those skills to meet the needs of the most discerning client. 

     Leading the band the VOODOO KINGS,  Michael's music catalog has been licensed to film and television from the NFL to PBS to major motion pictures.      

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